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Medicine, health, therapy, diseases in general

(Information portals, address lists of clinincs and doctors, online advisers)


World's most comprehensive database on medicine-relevant literature

European countries

European Platform on Patient's Organisations, Science and Industry
EPPOSI is a EU patient-led partnership between patients, industry and academic science, founded in 1994 for the exchange of information and discussion of policies in EU human healthcare. EPPOSI's primary mission is to establish a strong European alliance of patients' organisations, academic science, including clinicians, and industry jointly working on healthcare policies towards treatment and prevention of serious diseases

Health-EU Portal
Official public health portal of the European Union with a wide range of information and data on health-related issues and activities at both European and international level

European countries


Links and addresses of French organisations regarding diseases and disabilities

link collection regarding rare diseases and concerning organisations in France


Address database of the German Ministry of Work and Social Affairs regarding early intervention.
Addresses of vocational training and retraining institutions, medical-vocational rehabilitation centres, centres for early intervention, geriatric centres.

Ärztezeitung online
Information and publications regarding medicine, health and diseases

Adresses and information about doctors, dentists, therapies, clinics in Germany including information about barrier-free surgeries

Barrierefreie Arztpraxen
Barrierfree medical and dentist practices in Germany

betanet - die Suchmaschine für Sozialfragen im Gesundheitswesen
Search engine with information about social law concerning the health sector, diseases, addresses, rehabilitation clinics

BfA online /Rehabilitation
The internet platform of the Federal Pension Insurance Fund for Employees informs about rehabilitation, rehabilitation research, clinics, brochures, advice centres, rehabilitation institutions, rehabilitation advisors

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit und Soziale Sicherung / Informationen für Behinderte Menschen
Link collection of the Ministry of Health and Social Security concerning important organizaitions and institutions for disabled people

Database with doctor's practices all over Germany

Datenbank Frauengesundheit und Gesundheitsförderung
Database which helps to find German and international internet sites concerning women's health issues

Deutsches Forum Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung
Website of a confederacy of 71 organizations and institutions in the health and social sector with information on prevention and health

Deutsches Grünes Kreuz
Service and information for medicine professionals, journalists and patients. News in the
medicine/health sector, links

DIMDI - Medizinwissen online
The German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information offers biomedical databases with over 70 million documents and further information regarding the health system

Deutsches Medizin Forum
Online information, literature, link collections, addresses of doctors and hospitals for professionals in the medicine sector

Dr. Antonius
Search engine for medical websites in German language

Adressess and links of German health insurances

Information about all aspects of disability - therapy, employment, housing, institutions, advice centres

Website of the Institute for Quality and Economic Efficiency in the Health System with information about Medicine, health, therapies

Handbuch Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen digital
Adresses of rehabilitation clinics; links of organisations and self-help groups

Information collection regarding disabilities (Germany)

Database with 80000 addresses (self-help groups, umbrella organizations, internet sites) giving information on 2000 diseases

Kompetenznetze in der Medizin
information platform for researchers, medical doctors and those affected in the field of specific diseases characterized by high morbidity and/or mortality

Adresses of rehabilitation clinics and hospitals (in German)

Information about health, medicine, diseases, therapies

Med 1
Information about health, medicine, medicaments

Link database, main focus health and medicine

Comprehensive address information regarding medicine and health in Germany

Information about health, diseases, disabilities, care

Medizinrechts-Beratungsnetz der Stiftung Gesundheit
Information and legal advice concerning medical treatment, therapy, health insurance. Addresses of lawyers.

More than 1500 websites regarding diseases, diagnosis, therapy and health information

Meine Gesundheit
Guidebook health and diseases from A to Z

database with addresses of German self-helf groups and organizations regarding disabilities and rare diseases

Addresses (doctors, hospitals, self-help groups) and information about health and diseases (in

Information about diseases

Health platform from medical specialists for patients, those who are affected, and colleagues. Health advice, information, online consultation (in Germany)

Ratgeber Krankheit & Behinderung
Link collection regarding diseases and disabilities (in Germany)

Addresses of rehabilitation clinics. Information on medical rehabiliation for physicians, patients and employers

Information for chronic ill and disabled persons (addresses of clinics, information about therapies, advice)

Information about the implementation of the German health chip card.

non-European countries


National Organization for Rare Disorders
Information about rare diseases (addresses of organisations, rare disease database)

Office of rare diseases
Here you can find information on more than 6,000 rare diseases, including current research, publications from scientific and medical journals, completed research, ongoing studies, and patient support groups

This link list is offered by www.rehadat.de