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(Organizations, and information resources regarding school, study, vocational training and further training of disabled people)

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International database (INFOBASE) with text documents and bibliographic data regarding the training and occupation situation of disabled people

Study and Work Abroad
This catalog contains information about university studies, traineeships and volunteer work for people with disabilities in Europe, North America and other parts of the world.

United Nations Educational, Scietific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

European countries


Le Centre d'intégration et de préparation des Sourds dans l'enseignement supérieur
Centre for the integration of deaf students


Virtual full text library concerning the topics integration, disability and special pedagogics

Community of interests for the amelioration of conditions for disabled students at Austria’s universities


Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Berufsförderungswerke
Federal work group of the German vocational retraining centres. The vocational retraining centre is an educational establishment for vocational rehabilitation offering training and retraining courses to disabled adults who have generally had previous
experience of employment

Besondere Ausbildungsreglung für Behinderte
Special arrangements and rules concerning the vovatinal training of disabled people

Bundesarbeitgemeinschaft der Berufsbildungswerke
Federal work group of the German vocational training centres. The vocational training centre is an institution for the initial training of teenage disabled people who because of the type and severity of their disabilities cannot be trained in a company

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Medizinisch-Beruflichen Rehabilitationseinrichtungen (Phase II)
Federal work group of the rehabilitation centres for medical and vocational rehabiliation
In der Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft sind medizinisch-berufliche Einrichtungen

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Rehabilitation psychisch kranker Menschen (RPK)
Federal work group of the rehabilitation centres for people with mental illnessFederal work group of the rehabilitation centres for people with mental illness

Bundesarbeitskreis Berufsförderungswerke (BuBe)
Working commitee of the vocational retraining centres

Datenbank KURS
Database of the federal employment agency with training and further training courses in the rehabilitation field

Fachverband für Behindertenpädagogik
Association for special pedagogics

non-European countries


U.S. Department of Education Rehabilitation Services Administration

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