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C. Disabilities/Diseases with impairment of the mental function


Down Syndrome WWW Page
informations regarding worldwide organisations

Inclusion international
network of families, self-advocates and committed friends, working to better lives of the 60 million people living with intellectual disabilities, around the world. It unites close to 200 national member associations in 115 countries

Mental Disability Rights International
MDRI is a non-governmental advocacy organization dedicated to the recognition and enforcement of the rights of people with mental disabilities

Support Coalition International
SCI supports and promotes organizations working for the rights of people with mental disabilities. It is a coalition of more than one hundred grassroots group, each functioning indenpendently while sharing resources and benefiting from the exchange of experiences

World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry
global forum and voice of users and survivors of psychiatry, to promote their rights and interests


Alzheimer Europe
Alzheimer Europe is a Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at raising awareness of all forms of dementia through coordination and cooperation between Alzheimer and related disorders organisations in Europe, as well as organising support to the sufferers of the disease and their carers

Association Internationale Autisme Europe
An association whose main objective is to advance the rights of people with autism and their families and to help improve their lives

Awakening is an open internet forum, designed and written specifically for all with an interest in Parkinson's disease (PD), including patients, their caregivers, primary care physicians, and specialists. It aims to improve understanding and management of the condition

European Information Desk on Mental Illness
European Federation for relatives of people with a mental illness

Inclusion Europe
European Association of Societies of People with Intellectual Disability and their Families

European countries


Extensive information about dementia in German language

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Spina bifida und Hydrocephalus e.V.
Spina bifida and hydrocephalus association

Arbeitskreis Down-Syndrom e.V.
national working group for Down's syndrome

Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Phase F
Information on care, therapy, assistance, housing of people with a severe brain damage

Bundesinteressengemeinschaft Geburtshilfegeschädigter e.V. (BIG)
Federal association of people with Osteric Injury

Bundesverband für die Rehabilitation der Aphasiker e.V.
national association for the rehabilitation of aphasiacs

Bundesverband für Körper- und Mehrfachbehinderte e.V.
national association for sufferers of physical and multiple disabilities

Bundesvereinigung Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung e.V.
national association for the support of the mentally handicapped

Deutsche Alzheimer Gesellschaft e.V.
This group provides support and information for people suffering of Alzheimer's disease

Deutsche Parkinson-Vereinigung
German Parkinson Association

Fatigatio e.V.
Association for the Advancement of People with CFS/CFIDS/ME Disease

Network for improvment of research and supply concerning depressions

Lernen Fördern - Bundesverband zur Förderung Lernbehinderter e.V.
national association for the support of people with learning difficulties

Schädel-Hirn-Patienten in Not e.V.
association for the support of brain injury patients


Association Française du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique
national organisation for people with chronique fatigue syndrome

Association Française pour la Recherche sur la Trisomie 21
does research in the field of Down's syndrome and supports families concerned

French association for autistic people, their parents and relatives

Bureau Français de l'Epilepsie

France Alzheimer (FA)
national organisation for people with Alzheimer's disease, their relatives and for professionals

Umbrella organisation for associations of parents and friends of the intellectual handicapped

organisation supporting people with mental handicap, their families and friends

Union Nationale des Associations de Familles de Traumatisés Crâniens
organisation for families and relatives of brain damage

Great Britain

Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
The association aims to improve services for people with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, to work with them to extend their choices, and maximise opportunities for independence and achievement (serves England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

British Institute of Learning disabilities

National Autistic Society
The site includes information about autism and Asperger syndrome, and about the support and services available in the UK for: people with an autistic spectrum disorder (autism or Asperger syndrome), their families, professionals and journalists.


Alzheimer Italia


Fragile Suisse
Swiss Brain Injury Association

non-European countries r


The National Autism Society of India
providing services and information to people with autism and the pervasive developmental
disorders and their families


Japan Down Syndrome Network


Alzheimer Society Canada
The Alzheimer Society is a not-for-profit Canadian health organization. The three levels of the Society -- national, provincial and local -- work together to form a nation-wide network of services to help Canadians affected by Alzheimer Disease

Canadian Mental Health Association
The CMHA exists to promote the mental health of all people and to serve mental health consumers, their families and friends

Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
The assciation is dedicated to advance the education, employment, social development, legal rights and general well-being of people with learning disabilities

New Zealand

Cerebral palsy society of New Zeeland


About cerebral palsy
Cerebral palsy - resource for parents and families

Association for Retarded Citizens of the U.S
The Association works through education, research and advocacy to improve the quality of life for children and adults with mental retardation and related developmental disabilities and their families and works to prevent both the causes and the effects of mental retardation

Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)
The Learning Disabilities Association of America is a national, non-profit organization. Their aim is to advance the education and general welfare of children and adults of normal or potentially normal intelligence who manifest disabilities of a perceptual, conceptual, or coordinative nature

National Aphasia Association
The National Aphasia Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families

National Association for Down Syndrome

National Down Syndrome Society

Spina Bifida Association of America

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