The global search

Using the global search, one can search the following 5 REHADAT databases available in English at the same time: technical aids, case studies, addresses, literature and research. To start the search, type a word into the search field and then click on the red arrow. A list of these 5 databases with the respective number of hits then appears.

General hints
The extent of the global search in English is limited as one can only search the translated database fields. A global search of all 8 databases is only possible in German. Please change to the German version for this.

It is possible to mask words or parts of words left or right with an asterisk *.
Example: *wheelchair*
In this case possible results are: electric wheelchair or wheelchair bag, also all words containing the letter sequence "wheelchair".
The following options are available when searching more than one word:

1. AND option
Users place AND between the individual search words.
Example: wheelchair AND electric AND drive
With this entry only documents containing all three words are found. Documents with only one or two words are not listed.

2. OR option
Users place OR between the individual search words.
Example: wheelchair OR electric OR drive
With this entry documents are found containing one of the three words. The number of results may be large.

3. NOT option
Users can search a word at the same time excluding others if they use the term NOT.
Example: wheelchair NOT electric NOT drive
With this entry documents are found containing the first term but not the second or third. It is possible to combine the different options into one search.

After a search has been started a new page appears which lists all databases of the global search with the respective results. Click on the particular database to view the results.

General hints:

For complex searches, however, the searches in the single databases should be used as these offer differentiated search strategies!