Opening and changing the databases

Hint: There are search masks in English for the databases technical aids, case studies, addresses, research and literature; all other databases are only available in German.

Opening a database - if an English search mask is available - is by clicking the name of the database on the navigation list. A new page appears with the respective database search mask. Change to another database is by means of a new database choice.


Entries/using words in the search mask

  1. Manual entries: Words can be typed in using the keyboard in most search fields.
  2. Entries can be taken directly from the index: Where there is a button Index-Button next to a search field, clicking on this can fill one or more entries.
  3. In some databases a pull down menu offers a limited choice of entries e.g. in the database Literature the field document type.



There is the option of masking words or parts of words left and/or right with an asterisk * The asterisk * replaces all previous or following letters. Example: *wheelchair* In this case possible results are: wheelchair accessories, wheelchair bag or electric wheelchair, that is all terms, which have the letters "wheelchair".


Carrying out the search

After entering or choosing the required search criteria, the search is activated by clicking on the button.

General hints:


Logical combinations

The following functions are available if more than one word is entered in a search field:

1.  AND option
The user enters AND between each of the individual search words.
Example: wheelchair AND electric AND drive
With this entry documents are found containing all three words. Documents with only one or two words are not shown.
2.  OR option
The user enters OR between each of the individual search words.
Example: wheelchair OR electric OR drive
With this entry documents are found which have one of the three words. The number of results may be large.
3.  NOT
The user can search a word and at the same time exclude other words if the word NOT is used.
Example: wheelchair NOT electric NOT drive
With this entry documents are found which contain the first word but not the second or third term.

It is possible to combine the different functions into one search.


Entries/searches using several search fields

Entries/searches can be made in several search fields. The link between different search fields is an AND function and cannot be changed.
Example in the database Literature: in the field Keywords the word "paraplegia" is entered, in the field Document type the entry "book" is taken from the index. Result: all books on the subject of paraplegia.



Even before the search starts, the user can choose according to which criteria the results should be sorted. The pull down menu at the end of the search mask of the desired entry is used for this.


The result list

After activating the search the user receives a list of results containing the following information:

Functions of the result list


Viewing the document

To reach view document, the user clicks on the function bar on the function "view selected". All selected documents are shown.
When the user clicks on "more" on the list, behind a document, only this document is shown in full. View selected documents contains the following information:
Number of documents found, number of selected documents, list of the search (incl. search words and links) and view of the first selected document

Functions of the document view



In the list and document view options one can save or print a selected document. Users can choose from the two file formats available, PDF or HTML. The number of documents to be processed is limited to a maximum of 200 listed entries or 20 documents in full view.
Hint: One can individually adapt the view option before printing so that no superfluous information is printed.



In the "Technical aids" and "Case studies" databases there are various document figures. When figures are available a picture preview appears in the list and open document.
there are various document figures. When figures are available a picture preview
appears in the list and open document.

To view a figure in the actual size, click on the magnifying glass in the open documentmagnifying glass.

Figure titles are not translated.



In some databases there are colour highlighted terms which link to further information in other sites. Clicking on these words automatically leads to these sites which are either in the same or another database.
To return to the starting document click on "return to link" on the function bar. Do not use the return function of the browser as this leads to false results.

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