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Literature research on the Internet

The databases and portals concerned with rehabilitation, disability and medicine offer the user a multitude of informations. In the field of literature research, there exist databases, which are purely catalogous as well as Internet portals, which not only present professional kowledge but also information, discussions and own contributions. It is therefore worthwile to try out the different links in order to extent one's search for relevant texts.

Links on the subjects of rehabilitation, health and medicine
Offers general information on the subjects of rehabilitation and health. Publication of interesting contributions on illness and disability. Full texts are provided under the keyword "rehabilitation".
Internet Site of the "German Medicine Forum" with extensive link list, also provides free access to "MEDLINE", the worldwide biggest database in medicine (in English).
Ein Service der Deutschen Zentralbibliothek für Medizin (ZBMed) und der Bonner Bereichsbibliothek Ernährung und Umwelt. Publikationen aus den Bereichen Medizin, Gesundheitswesen, Ernährung und Umwelt sowie deren Grundlagenwissenschaften und Randgebiete. Je nach Verfügbarkeit können Kopien bestellt werden, Bücher ausgeliehen oder im Volltext online eingesehen werden.
From here, the user can get free access to "SOMED", an exhaustive literature database comprehending a great variety of topics. Website also available in English.

Hartmut Haines:

General portals for disabled people concerning vocational life and society
With an order list of all the 45.000 titles in the ABVS-library of audio books. Those can be lend out for free by blind people and people with visual impairments. User regulations and application form can be ordered by E-mail.
Internet forum of the "Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Hilfe fr Behinderte" (Federal Work Association Help for Disabled People) with current discussions and contributions on the subject of disability. From this site, the user can carry out a full text search in the archives of the magazine "Selbsthilfe" (Self-help).
The Internet portal of the "Verein Behinderten Ratgeber e.V." (Disabled Counselling Society), created to counteract the social isolation of people with disabilities (for example through different activities and events, in which disabled and non-disabled people come together). The Internet portal is also available to blind users. Its aim is to create a wide network of relevant societies and associations. In addition, the visitors themselves have the possibility to contribute to the different forums.
Full text library/database with the possibility of literature research. Available are contributions of different magazines and books concerning disability. Offers also full texts. Website available in English.
Informative portal on the topic of disablement. It offers various sections like Law, Technics, Travelling, Glossary, Sports, News. The portal also includes a small job forum, a shop and a number of interesting links to other relevant websites.
Subito is an electronic ordering and delivering system for full text contributions from magazines, books and articles not only concerned with disablement. A login and password are required. The ordered articles have to be paid, but there is a great variety on offer. Includes also foreign publications. Website also available in English.
English online search mask of the Springer publishing house with a great number of results for the key term "rehabilitation". Abstracts can be read for free. Full texts can only be accessed with password.

Links and recommendations for foreign research results
National centre for rehabilitation and information of the US-government with a great literature database on rehabilitation, with abstracts and ordering numbers (in English).
Big database on disability with search functions in English. Offers abstracts and partly ISSN-numbers.